First blog post

Hi everyone! I have never read the characters of any blog greeting any reader so,,,, I wanted to sound different rather read different. Not that I am the first one to do so 🙂 So, here I am with my very first blog with a series of blogs to follow!!!

Off late, have been reading so many blogs, newspaper articles on chick literature, many famous names, of course, cannot be specific but the characters in these are humorous with hilarious experiences.

But, wait, isn’t that what happens in all people’s life’s…………….

God has gifted all creatures with brains but it just does not seem to work at the right place & right time for us homo sapiens….

 Why did my thought process did not invoke me when I was making that decision……or whether it should have raised any doubts in my heart…..

Confused,,,,, me too…..

The, story begins 15 yrs. back. Let’s rewind all the scenes, for sure my brain is capable of doing the same.

15 yrs. Back

It seems everyone around is either getting married, or prospective grooms & brides being checked upon or the distant relatives daughters & sons were getting married. But for me, not even one proposal….. As per my mother’s point of view…..this was for sure worrisome…actually not only worrisome, it was disturbing, annoying, Actually as the Punjabis say “sochan di gal si, ki akhir kyun koi rishta samno nahi aa rehaya si.”

Hi again, I am Sanjana, a charming girl, a commerce graduate from Delhi University, trying to find a suitable job. Although my parents are worried but they still want me to be happy. For me job is always my first consideration before marriage. (as my father says, kam pehle, baki sab kuch baad vich). Off late have been noticing and hearing not very pleasant stories in the society, husbands leaving wives for dowry or duping them for other girls. Considering the society today is headed to,,,, it is always a wise decision to have a proper job for myself. Financial independence does changes outlook for a person’s towards self & for others towards yourself.

As it is only through financial independence that one can gain security & the lifestyle one wishes for.

…..More to follow….in the next blog…..




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