BLOG NO. 2 (in continuation to the series)

For those who are reading my blog for the first time!! (This is my attempt to create a blog series)

Link to the first blog is :

In the first blog: Introduced the character!

In the middle of all this chaos going in my life….marriage….job…..marriage…. a suitable proposal is brought forward by my maternal uncle or he thought so that it is a suitable match for me.

My Uncle, who has an eye catching personality, my mentor just wants the best for us. Little did he know what lied ahead in future?  

Mr. Rajinder Bhola staying supposedly in south Delhi (posh colony) (even if people say they put up in Malviya nagar ; rich class, but actually stay in adjacent khirki extn.; Middle class ) having business in construction & properties, graduate (this too is supposed so), staying with his family in a nice five hundred square feet bungalow wants to meet myself & my parents for further discussion.

Although, the first thought which comes across my mind is that the dhobi in the colony  name is also Rajinder. :-)).

No harm in meeting……, do not clearly remember, actually who proposed the meeting point as the famous Lodi Gardens.

My Mom was full of enthusiasm, any mom who has a daughter of marriageable age would be,,,,, I was asked to visit the best beauty saloon in the colony for a overhauling right from tip of the toe to my hair. As for me, I was also enjoying the experience,,, what the heck, at the worst…. Mr. Bhola might reject at least let me enjoy all the pampering.

Relaxation after the visit to a beauty salon cannot be compared to any thing…… (All the females will agree to me……) or maybe it can be compared (to a nice love making session with your partner)….off course, at that point of time I was not aware of the session experience (and no…. I am not trying to prove anything) hence,,,, my relaxation could not be compared to any thing……

So, all of us get ready (my father, my mom, my uncle & my aunt) and reach the designated place.

More to follow soon!




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