Blog post 3 (Life moves on!) (in continuation to the series)

I am wearing a green colour suit (look fair in green as per my mom). As soon as I got out of the car Mr. Bhola’s family also reached and were dropping off out of their car. It was a bright and sunny afternoon of the winter season. Winters in Delhi are at times chilling and at times the weather asks one to be chilled out. So this was one fine day where one could chill out. None the less, both the parties started to walk inside the park.

My mom, had at least hundredth time asked me to be sober & nice to his family. Other rules of the afternoon being:-

Be nice to them..

Talk politely to them…

Keep your head down unless somebody asks you a question…

Remember only two words: YES & NO.

Don’t give in your opinions

Basically, shut your mouth & keep your head down

My gosh…. Who could make my mom understand that we are living in 21st century for god sake…. And I am going to be part of their family as his wife and not as their Kamla bai. My father who speaks very little but observes a lot was just quite but for the very first time I could look anxiety in his eyes…. later on when I asked him jokingly, he said he felt the same fear/anxiety which he might have had when I was about to born… (I have never seen that look in his eyes for anything…..).

As the wise men say “The first impression is the last impression”. We were walking to find some suitable place in the sun…not taking care off my mom’s instructions I sneaked peek to him. He was wearing a blue denim shirt with a white trouser!!! (Who on earth wears white in winters???) With cherry colored leather boots……the very first impression of him was that he was a typical Punjabi (no offense) with no sense of clothing. Or may be it was a problem with their whole family. The elder daughter in law (his bhabhi) seems was out from the kitchen & brought out for the family affair wearing an orange suit with burgundy slip ons….

In any case, I was to just keep my mouth shut,,,, as in old Bollywood movies we were asked to go and have a walk separately from the others and although whether we liked it not we had too……

So, Rajinder ji and myself proceeded……… what are your hobbies…..suddenly a question is put forward by him…. (Unlike what my mother had trained me enough for this answer)….i like trying different cuisines and traveling…. Do you just like trying different cuisines as in just eating or ………. I understood his point and answered back I like cooking too….. Much to his relief…….it seemed.

Again he started; the people who have come with me are my mom, elder brother & bhabhi (sis in law) & their kids. For me, it is most important to keep them happy and my elder brother’s word is last in the home. I want a girl who is very adjusting.

Oh, that’s the only point he wants. What a great way to start a conversation with a prospective bride. Basically, just shut your mouth & never open it except for eating or breathing……is that so….were my thoughts…..but I just kept smiling…& nodding my head idiotically.

There was a small boy who had kept cold drink bottles in a bucket of ice and came towards us. Rajinder ji asked him Do you have cola? (Cola hai?)

Yes, he replied. (ji hai)

How much for one? (Eik kitne ki di hai?)

Sir 10 Rs….

Buddy I will buy two give me for 18… (Yaar do le lunga,,, 18 ki de dey……)

That was the limit, I just couldn’t stop laughing….. I am not against saving money nor have I lead life of too much luxury…. But My God! 2 Rs.

This man my prospective groom is arguing with the small child for 2 Rs.???? (Arey yaar, 2 Rs. key liye bache ki jaan lega kya?)

And as soon as he noticed that I was laughing, he sheepishly looked at me and quickly paid 20 bucks and asked him to leave. His nephews, must be around 4-5 yrs. came towards us and he offered both the cola’s to them. I said hello to both of them and asked their names. Before they could reply, he ordered them to go back to their Mom! And looked back at me and asked why were you laughing so loudly…. Is that so? I didn’t realized if I was laughing loudly and I replied I do not know how to laugh with my mouth closed.

He looked at me disapprovingly and I stood up and started walking towards my parents. He also started walking beside me. I was not her dream girl!!!!! Thank God!!!!!!

There is always a universal force which without one realizing is helping…… helping you to find the best for you……I strongly believe…..

Finally we reached our home sweet home and

Mom – I am not sure, but don’t like the clothing sense in the family; Mom!!! It was gross

Papa – everybody is not same, our daughter can change their clothing habits after she marries to him but I am not sure do not get a positive feeling; Papa,,,u never lost hope

Younger sister – was singing the famous Bollywood song: sun sun sun didi terey liye ik rishta aaya hai; I wanted to kill you 😉

As for me, I was finishing my only duty in the house of preparing chapattis for the dinner, since was being trained for being the master chef of whichever family would be married to.

My father just came to me and put his hand on my head and said your opinion matters the most so please speak up and I just nodded that said let’s see papa. The day before this was so relaxed, saloon and all but today my mind was twirling and was restless and was unable to sleep. Next morning, my parents could sense the same and my mom called up my uncle and thankfully he and my aunt too didn’t like the family and refused.

Love you my family! You are the best!

After some days I met my prince charming! (will blog soon on that!!!)

And that’s when I realized and learnt a very important lesson LIFE MOVES ON!

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4 thoughts on “Blog post 3 (Life moves on!) (in continuation to the series)

  1. Really awesome ….. it was an exciting experience i do remember mom teaching you all these lessons…….
    And yes my song ( Sun Sun di tere liye ek rishta aaya hai )
    True life moved on…..


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